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Plunger Unblock Drain?
Can a Plunger Unblock a Drain?

A plunger is a simple yet effective tool for unclogging drains. It works by creating a vacuum seal over the drain hole to dislodge debris. We explain how to use a plunger properly to clear sink, tub and shower drains. For stubborn clogs, boiling water, baking soda, vinegar or a wet/dry vacuum may help.

Sump Pump Fails
What to Do if a Sump Pump Fails

A failed sump pump can lead to catastrophic basement flooding and damage. Take immediate action by shutting off power, clearing debris, mopping up water that’s entered and calling a plumber to prevent further rain flooding.

Epoxy resin pipe relining lifespan
Epoxy resin pipe relining lifespan

Epoxy resin pipe relining is a cost-effective alternative to full pipe replacement. By coating the inside of pipes with a 2-4mm thick epoxy lining, the lifespan of existing pipes can be extended to over 100 years with proper maintenance.

Fast Ways Unblock Drain
Fast Ways To Unblock Any Drain

Pour boiling water down the blocked drain first to help dissolve build up, then pour baking soda followed by vinegar. Leave for 10 minutes before flushing with more hot water to clear the drain fully. Call a professional plumber if the blockage persists.

Blocked Drains Relate Septic Issues
How Blocked Drains Relate to Septic Issues

Blocked drains and septic tank issues often go hand-in-hand. When drains can’t empty properly into the septic tank, it can back up the plumbing system and cause overflows, foul odors, soggy ground and more. Getting blocked drains cleared and septic tanks pumped regularly can prevent major problems.

Identifying Substandard Plumbing Work
Identifying Substandard Plumbing Work

Substandard plumbing often shows signs like leaky pipes, clogs, weak water pressure or unfinished jobs. Protect yourself by learning the signs of shoddy work, and contact a reputable local plumber to ensure your job is done properly.

Essential Safety Gear Gas Work
Essential Safety Gear for Gas Work

Working with gas requires proper protective equipment like flame-retardant clothes, sealed goggles, thick gloves, & respirators. For reliable local gas services, contact our team today.

Checklist Water Running Cold
Checklist if Water is Running Cold

If you have no hot water, first check blown fuses and the thermostat. Also reset the high-temperature cutoff switch if tripped. For safety, follow first aid steps if someone is scalded. Check if cold water taps have issues too. Call a plumber if needed to diagnose and maintain your water heater.

Solar Hot Water Worth Investment?
Is Solar Hot Water Worth the Investment?

Investing in a solar hot water system can save up to 75% on your water heating costs compared to electric or gas heaters. With solar hot water systems lasting 20+ years and increased home values, solar hot water is worth exploring for suitable homes.

Pipes Freeze Burst
What Causes Pipes to Freeze and Burst

As temperatures drop below freezing, water inside pipes expands putting pressure on pipes. This expansion causes pipes to burst. Keep pipes insulated and protected from cold.

Turn Water Supply
How To Turn Off Water Supply

Follow our guide to turn off your home’s water supply in 4 easy steps. Locate the water meter, open the lid, turn the valve clockwise to shut off supply and prevent leaks or damage. Call us if you need help.

Maintain safe hot water temperatures
Maintain safe hot water temperatures

To prevent bacteria, hot water should be stored at 60°C. Tempering valves then mix this with cold water to safely deliver it below 50°C. Get peace of mind by having your hot water system maintained by our licensed plumbers to Australian Standards.

Managing Mould Water Leaks
Managing Mould from Water Leaks

Mould can develop quickly after water leaks or flooding. Stop the water source immediately, use fans and dehumidifiers to dry the area fully. Scrub away mouldgrowth with detergent, allow surfaces to dry before repairing. For safe removal, call our mould remediation services.

Cost Replacing Burst Pipe
Cost of Replacing a Burst Pipe

The typical cost to repair a burst pipe is around $500, but it can range from $200 for small leaks to over $1000 for major pipe replacements. Call Drummoyne Plumbing for a free quote.

Relining Disruptive Business?
Is Relining Disruptive To My Business?

Pipe relining is a minimally disruptive method to repair damaged pipes without excavation. It saves money and time compared to full replacement. Our pipe relining experts can reline your pipes with minimal disruption so you can keep your business running. Call us to learn more about this no-dig solution.

’ Trenchless Relining?
What’s Trenchless Relining?

Trenchless relining is a pipe repair method that doesn’t require digging trenches. A resin-impregnated liner is inserted inside damaged pipes to seal cracks and restore structural integrity. Key benefits are no excavation mess, faster repairs, and lower costs than traditional pipe replacement.

’ Warranty Relined Pipes?
What’s The Warranty On Relined Pipes?

Pipe relining provides a long-lasting solution, with most companies offering a 50 year product warranty on relined pipes. Contact us to learn more about getting your pipes relined and the warranty coverage we provide.

Gas Electricity: Cheaper Home?
Gas vs Electricity: Which is Cheaper For Your Home?

When comparing gas and electric appliances, gas often has lower running costs but efficient electric models use less energy overall. Switch to electric to save money.

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